Must-Know Facts about Travertine Tiles

What qualities are present when you use flooring material made of travertine? Travertine tiles are described as a natural stone tile that is derived from travertine – a sedimentary rock that is normally formed in limestone caves and hot springs. Around the world, you can find endless supplies of travertine, most particularly in Western countries like America, Europe, Italy, and Mexico. These days, it is widely offered not only from travertine manufacturers, but from home improvement supplies as well.

travertine tiles for kitchen flooring

While it looks very similar to limestone or marble, the truth is, travertine tiles and the former stones are not the same in terms of composition and formation process. Typically, travertine is composed of mineral mixtures and calcium carbonate from where it is formed and come in very rough texture which is a complete opposite of the two former stones. There are several types of travertine stone tiles to date, some of which are briefly described in the list below.

Popular Types

  • Tumbled Travertine Tiles – Usually used on home construction where natural or rustic look is preferred, these tiles are literally placed inside a drum together with cement chunks and stones and then tumbled to create a finished product that has worn edges and main surface, evident fissures, and chipped corners. In most cases, tumbled travertine is left as is, meaning it is manufactured with visible holes. During application, these holes are stuffed with grout so that the material will retain its reliability.
  • Silver Travertine Tiles – Neat, elegant, and natural looking – these are some of the distinguishing characteristics of silver tiles made from travertine. Crafted with a beautiful satin finish on the exterior, this tile does not require any type of sealing, so there’s no need for you to spend more on building materials. Made with the cutting edge inkjet technology, you’ll be amazed to behold the stunning beauty of natural stone once you applied them as patio tiles or on other parts of your home.

tumbled travertine tiles for bathroom

  • Polished Travertine Tiles – If you are aiming for a contemporary and shiny look for your home’s interior, then this travertine option is for you. Available in massive variety of attractive colors like red, white, brown, ivory and walnut, this travertine tile is perfect for almost any kind of applications.

Travertine tiles are a brilliant option if you are looking for a perfect material for your countertops, flooring, or even for the walls of your home. Since it has classic, clean and natural-looking façade, it is not really surprising if more and more homeowners are using this material for constructing their home.